I inspire great humans to reflect deeply, to live authentically, and to navigate change like a boss.


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If you want truth, I'll give it. If you need to shed a few tears, I'll get them rolling. If you seek to know the deepest parts of yourself, I'll hold the mirror. If you're craving something beautiful and real, I've got what you need. And if you just want to die, I've been there, too, sweet friend. Many, many times.

I  believe that by openly sharing my pain as well as my joy, and my struggles as well as my triumphs, another person's day will be made brighter, their journey made clearer, their load made lighter and hopefully they'll feel less alone. I even created The Daily Muse to help you remain connected to what's real, and my very first online course, Transform Like A Boss, will soon be here to guide you along your path of personal transformation.

I hold nothing back. Ever. We all benefit when someone shares their truth and their story and their unique style of art.

This is why my mission in life is to share my heart, my art, my soul and my personal discoveries with the world through my Writings From The Heart, Mandyland PoetryMandyland Radio podcasts, the Sexpot Studio video series, and my beloved book, The Poet & The Butterfly: An Intimate Dialogue.

I also offer candid glimpses of my life through my Monthly Visual Diaries and my incessant Facebook updates, and I bake and sell legal crack aka sex-in-a-box aka Too Good Triangles to pay the bills.

This is the essence of Mandyland.

Take all that I offer and use it to light up your own path while ours has temporarily crossed.

I'm yours until the light goes out.

All my love,

Mandy xo

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Launched Transform Like A Boss: A Course For Extraordinary Souls (2019) 

Launched the ‘Ask Mandy’ video/podcast series (2019)

Wrote The Bikini Body Myth for Beach Baby (2018)

Accepted into SAJE Montreal's Self-Employment Program for the Montreal launch of Too Good Triangles (2018-2019)

Completed One Year of French Immersion at Centre Saint Louis (2017-2018) 

Released The 10 Year Anniversary Edition of The Poet & The Butterfly (2017)

Became an official resident of Montreal, Quebec (2017)

Featured in the video, "By Your Side", by Rufus (2016)

Self-Lovin' Sabbatical (2014-2016)

Mandyland Radio host on iTunes (2010-present)

Literary Award Nomination, Bernice Adams Awards (2014)

Launched Too Good Triangles (2012)

Marie Forleo's B-School Graduate (2012)

Literary Award Nomination, KW Arts Awards (2011)

Women Entrepreneurs 5K Mastermind Contest Winner (2011)

Mandyland Columnist for Echo Weekly Magazine (2009-2011)

Published The Poet & The Butterfly (2008)

Founded GODS & DIVAS (2007)

University of Waterloo Honours Graduate / Major: Religious Studies + Minor: Spirituality & Personal Development (2007)

Conestoga College Graduate / Social Services Diploma (1999)

St. Monica House Mary Fowlett Scholarship Award (1999)

G.C.I. Sub-Eating Contest Winner (high school)

Birth of my daughter and my Self (1995)

Made it through every depression I've faced (so far)


Me in the 80s.

Me in the 80s.

I grew up in a family that included alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual abuse, mental health issues and more. I was hospitalized for depression at 17 (watch my candid video about this subject) and had an unplanned pregnancy at 18. My mother died of brain cancer when she was only 56, and I have been living under the poverty line for 2 decades. Each of these events have shaped who I am today. For the better. I wouldn’t change a thing because of all that I gained and learned along the way, and because each of those challenges have allowed me to inspire others who have faced similar struggles.


Proud mama bear. Paige's prom, 2013.

Proud mama bear. Paige's prom, 2013.

My daughter’s arrival in 1995 completely altered the trajectory of my life. It inspired me to look within and make the difficult but necessary changes to ensure that she would not go through what I did growing up. After witnessing and experiencing so much dysfunction as a child, I was ready to begin my journey towards wholeness and alignment, if only for my daughter’s sake. So while my peers went to parties and did what most teenagers do, I left my family, raised a child on my own, and sought to transmute the pain from my past into something beautiful that would one day inspire others to do the same.

Despite not feeling ready to be a mother, I turned out to be a great one. Paige is now an adult and I feel I have more than succeeded in my goal of raising a child who feels loved, secure, safe and supported. Paige is all I could never be growing up. I am both proud and envious of this. She is my daily reminder of why I sacrificed so much, and she has been one of my greatest teachers along the way, wise soul that she is. Paige is also an amazing photographer. You can check out her work here.


My mother, Lowana, back in the early 80s.

My mother, Lowana, back in the early 80s.

In 2009, I was fortunate enough to heal the difficult relationship I had with my own mother just days before she died. I spent her final week by her side, sleeping on the hospital floor and caring for the woman whose presence in my life had infused much anger, frustration and hurt over the years. You can read about our final week together here.

One of the last things my mom did was apologize to me for not protecting me as a child. She also commended me for breaking the cycle. It was a full circle moment for me that validated all the work I had done over the years. Breaking the generational cycle of dysfunction and thereby raising a healthy, balanced child with self-worth, is by far one of the greatest achievements of my life.


My second home: Shade's Mills Conservation Area.

My second home: Shade's Mills Conservation Area.

I spend most of my waking hours doing what I believe I am here to do in this lifetime, and that is to live simply, reflect deeply and share honestly through various mediums. In a nutshell, I focus on exploring inner landscapes and sharing my discoveries along the way.

What brings me the most amount of joy in life are the following: the sun, solitude, writing, walking, cycling, nature, water with lemon, heart to hearts with my daughter, daily chats with my beloved bestie, kitty snuggles, sacred connections with other awesome humans, as well as technology, great food, and the freedom to express what's in my heart and on my mind. I absolutely love sharing myself and my life with the world.

Despite having such a public and engaging online presence however, my real life is very private and my circle is small. I can always be found somewhere in cyberspace though, so be sure to join me on these sites:

Below is an excerpt from Eckhart Tolle's, A New Earth. It beautifully describes the importance of those he calls, 'Frequency Holders', and I am proud to be one of them.

The outward movement into form does not express itself with equal intensity in all people. Some feel a strong urge to build, create, become involved, achieve, make an impact upon the world. Others, after the natural expansion that comes with growing up has run its course, lead an outwardly unremarkable, seemingly more passive and relatively uneventful existence. They are more inward looking by nature, and for them the outward movement into form is minimal. They would rather return home than go out.

Some of them find it hard to fit into this world. Some are lucky enough to find a protective niche where they can lead a relatively sheltered life, a job that provides them with a regular income or a small business of their own.

In past ages, they would probably have been called contemplatives. There is no place for them, it seems, in our contemporary civilization. On the arising new earth, however, their role is just as vital as that of the creators, the doers, the reformers. Their function is to anchor the frequency of the new consciousness on the planet. I call them frequency-holders. They are here to generate consciousness through the activities of daily life, through their interactions as well as through ‘just being.’

In this way, they endow the seemingly insignificant with profound meaning. Their task is to bring spacious stillness into this world by being absolutely present in whatever they do. There is consciousness and therefore quality in what they do, even the simplest task. Their purpose is to do everything in a sacred manner. As each human being is an integral part of the collective human consciousness, they affect the world much more deeply than is visible on the surface of their lives.



With her transparent nature, tell-it-like-it-is approach, and contagious enthusiasm, Mandy has inspired thousands world-wide to look within, live more authentically, and transform their lives for the better. She does this primarily through her Writings From The HeartFacebook presence, and GOD & DIVA classes.

As a self-proclaimed word addict, Mandy has authored a few hundred personal journals, written 900 published articles, and has published two books. Her second book, The Poet & The Butterfly with Keveen Gabet of Korakor, became Echo Weekly’s January 2009 Book of the Month and was described as “A brave book.” by Rogers Daytime, as well as, “A modern classic. Poignant and poetic, eloquent and erotic.” by Echo Weekly columnist, Mike Cahill.

In 2014, Mandy received her second Literary Award Nomination (Bernice Adams Awards) for her work, and in 2011, her Mandyland Musings and Mandyland Features in Echo Weekly earned her a Literary Award Nomination for the 23rd Annual KW Arts Awards Waterloo Region. This inspired her to create the Mandyland Awesome Awards shortly after because everyone is awesome and deserves to win.

2012 brought a whole new experience: the launch of Too Good Triangles aka the bestest desert in the entire history of ever in Classic, Gluten-Free and Vegan/Gluten-Free styles. Mandy even auditioned for Dragons' Den in 2013 and treated the producers to their own boxes of TGT. Although she did not make it on the show, the producers were impressed with her pitch and loved her dessert.

Mandy won the 2011 5K Women Entrepreneurs Mastermind Contest and is a graduate of Marie Forleo's Rich, Happy & Hot B-School. She also holds an Honours Degree in Religious Studies (Spirituality & Personal Development) from the University of Waterloo, a diploma in Social Services from Conestoga College, and is currently enrolled at the University of Metaphysical Sciences in California with the goal of earning her PhD in Metaphysics. In addition, Mandy was the first recipient of the St. Monica House Mary Fowlett Award for continuing her education as a young single mother in 1999.

When she isn't writing, biking, sun worshipping or napping, Mandy models, indulges her Facebook fetish, sends out a regular Mandyland Newsletter, and hosts Mandyland Radio on iTunes. She also hosts Sexpot Studio on YouTube

Mandy aka the Pastry Pimp lives with her two kitties, Chloe & Zoe, in a pretty little home in Cambridge, Ontario.