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Whether your question pertains to personal growth and transformation, surviving the darkness, dealing with the effects of a traumatic childhood / toxic family, conscious parenting, writing from the heart, online dating, dating younger men/older women, social media marketing, business and entrepreneurship, youthing (it’s a real thing) or anything else you’re curious about, I’d love an opportunity to share my opinions, insights and experiences on ALL THE THINGS via video or blog so ask away in the form below!


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“Your videos and writing are spectacular! Good job with how you present it, I really enjoy it. You're definitely meant to be doing work related to this. It’s really awesome to see how much time and dedication you put into it and it’s probably so fun and sometimes effortless for you because it just all seems natural.” Alexandra

“Hey Mandy, 21y/o male here. I stumbled upon your videos and just wanted to say I’m a huge fan. You bring up so many good points when you talk. It’s so easy to feel engaged in the conversation without even talking. I feel like you’re speaking directly to the viewer and not to an audience. Keep up the great work! I can’t wait to see what’s next in store. - Sincerely, a big fan.” @_benwiseman

“Just finished LOVING your light/life filled-inspiring words.” Summer Storfer 

“You are such a brillant woman. I watched a couple of your videos. The one about the 20's guys… I think it’s mostly for a fantasy that guys are asking you out, but you are so much more than just a fantasy. Keep it up. I like to watch you think and speak.”  Damien Constantin

“Thanks for making this video. I was pleasantly surprised by the response and how your experiences with cannabis have been. Also, you have such a soothing and lovely voice, I feel so relaxed right now.” @pureluckx

“You are too cute. I can’t even stand it. You look and sound amazing, man. You were born to do this pho sho. I loved the Cannabis one! You were super fun in that one! And it was super exciting seeing your video at the top of my video feed today! I was like « omg that’s my friend!!! »” Stepanka

“I love your podcast!” @mike_duda

“Watched a number of your new clips on YouTube! Good stuff, Mandy!” Kai