"You're living poetry." Michelle Ruthven



"Your words are an immeasurable investment in society." Ryan F.


"You inspire me beyond words." Phil Armstrong


"You’re the realist person on my timeline! Thank YOU!" Melissa A Patterson

"You are a fucking national (Canadian) treasure!" Dave Vargas


"You're the true alchemist. You turn every bit of shit into gold just by being you." Melanie McKay


"Few people I know live as thoughtfully and presently as you do." Craig Rintoul


"I regret not following you sooner." Tone Mst


"Mandy, you continue to speak the truth, no matter how difficult. Your honesty is refreshing and touches so many of us just when we need it. You have such a raw, sensual, soulful beauty that radiates from deep within you. You have touched, and continue to touch, so many lives. You've given hope and the ability to carry on, to survive, to make necessary life changes, to so many (possibly even to more and in ways you don't even - and may never - know) through your DIVA and GOD classes, through your writings, the honest and open sharing of your experiences. You have an ability to connect with others at the level they need to connect at. Those are amazing gifts, beauty. I'm blessed to have you in my life and it is forever transformed as a result. I am honoured to know and love you." Valerie Beyer


"Mandy, in four lines you have summed up everything that Jesus was on about. You have defined humanity, at its best quite simply." Mike Cahill


"How could you fit into this world? You see too clearly. You're brilliant. Successful in the ways that matter. You're amazing." Paige Richardson


"If there were more like you, there would be a lot less of them. Your bravery and public stance has surely saved more than you will likely ever know. I witness from the sidelines, the love, compassion and hope you bring to so many. You are a gift to all of us!" Harry W.


"So inspired! Glad to see success coming out of Cambridge when so many I know couldn't find their dream. Kudos to you, Mandy!!!!!" J.D.


“Mandy, you always bring me back to what is important life.” Gayle Jones 

“Thank you for sharing. It’s people like you that make it ok not to be ok.” Nerissa Flannigan Markham

"I love your posts, Mandy! You really inspire me every single day to simply do better, try harder and live more! Thank you for that." Mike Edwards


"Girl, you are such an inspiration! Your happy posts are contagious!" Kate Brinks


"Holy guacs your style + words are just so much brain/life candy!" Alison Hewitt


"This is so beautiful, Mandy ❤️ Brought tears to my eyes. You’re an inspiration to all of us." Stepanka Srbecky


"Dear Mandy, I AM A FAN!! I can't tell you enough how much I admire how you embrace the changes in your life, you continuously set an example for me in everything. Since changing your residency to the way you deal with guys, gosh, I wish I had your strength. You are a role model for me and I hope a lot of young girls have the opportunity to read or follow you on the social networks because you embody what an amazing woman should be. I love your convictions and how you face your challenges. Don't ever let the bad get you. You rock!" Lily Rivera


"You are so fucking wise! Lots of wisdom there, Mandy! Thanks for sharing and thanks for your honesty." Craig Dubecki


"Wow, you are one very strong woman! I admire your openness and genuine thoughts xo" Rina Angela


"I love how honest you are. The direction and outcome of your reflections. You talk about thing the majority of us only allow ourselves to think. I love Mandyland reads!" Iolanda S


"Today many people have been denied the insight and inspiration that is Mandy - I am happy to not be one of them. Thank you for continuing to share your life and experiences with me and many others!" Eric Lightfoot


Your posts have been inspiring and brighten my day. Your keep a positive outlook despite most situations. You keep pushing on. Open and true. You're an amazing individual. Never change! Cheers to you!" Brendan Myles


"I do something similar but I think your idea is even better! I think I may adopt this for myself. Thanks for the inspiration!" Jesse Anderson


"You rock. Keep up all the amazing work you do. Inspiring people all over. xo" Carmel Park


"Beautifully said Mandy!!!! You are an inspiration." Rhonda Toms


"I simply love this post and had to share it! Mandy is definitely one of those people that feels like sunshine to me. Her words are often inspiring, comforting or at the very least, can make me smile. This post found me at the perfect moment and it just struck a chord. I try to be that zen friend when I can and also try to "move through my life gently". And I am lucky enough to have a few of those sunshine people in my life. I wanted to share this as a personal reminder to spend more time with those people who feel like sunshine...because sunshine makes me veeeery haaaappy." Sylvie Gravelle


"Your words. Honestly, I've sometimes went back and read your words more than once. I feel like you communicate things people feel but cannot express. You're so eloquent and well spoken and seem to be able to nail down true emotions with your words. You're not only physically the most beautiful woman I've ever seen but you have so much beauty inside of you and it comes out everytime you speak. Your words come from the soul. And that's not something the average person can speak from. You know yourself inside and out and I admire that more than words can say. Your self awareness is astounding to me. I hide many things I think and feel because I fear how others will view me or perceive me. I love how you speak from your deepest places and can be so very open not only with yourself but with the people who love and cherish and follow you and all of your accomplishments." Jessica Hill


"Mandyland is undeniable." Dave Vargas


"I've known you for so long and I know how smart and creative and funny and what a beautiful human you are. Unfortunately not everyone is shopping for that, not everyone is looking for that inner peace or self love or self acceptance or all of things that you share with the world. Not all humans are ready for that kind of depth. I really think that could be a reason that you haven't been able to find the financial success in your area of expertise. I could be wrong but the world may not be ready for Mandyland! You're positivity and the light shed on life!" Gayle Walsh


"Mandy you really are an inspiration." Lynda Hancock-Mcgill


"I personally love that your words and thoughts are a constant reminder that we are all human. I think we all forget that from time to time. You make it real. The human experience. You expose the realities that many don't want to or can't. I admire your willingness to grow as a woman and human so publicly. You face your demons and tell us all about it. Don't worry about people throwing that in your face. Some people can't handle authentic rawness. That's something you've always taken pride in." Carmen Cordova


"You deserve to be a best selling author, you deserve to be the biggest treat provider ever or any other thing you want. You are such a beautiful person that even a relative stranger like myself can see your gifts." Brent Sills


"Love this, Mandy! So amazing and inspiring and so raw and honest. The world needs more of you in a big way!" Shannon L'Heureux


"Thank you, thank you, ongoing thank you for being so open and honest, about the good, the bad, and the ugly. It's inspiring to know that I'm not alone in my struggles. Inspiring to see someone be so open about all of themselves. Don't ever stop being you, Mandy. Cause you rock!" Jenny Lorette


"I can't even begin to describe how much I love this and needed to hear it. Thanks for having the right words at the right time." April O'Brien


"This is so inspiring! I know I have the same problem and I'm trying to stop being negative when it comes to myself. It's a hard habit to break it's so easy to pick out my faults and say I'm not pretty or smart enough to be love or like by others. But this post has inspired me to try and give myself a pep talk in the morning and only look at the positive. Thanks so much for sharing!! I just love all your posts! (especially the ones with cats)" Ronny Wilson


"Thank you so much for your beautiful heart. You are an amazing example. I appreciate how you live your life. You are a song and a poem. Your heart helps heal my heart." Michelle Ruthven


"It was beautifully done with great passion, clarity, wrenching honesty and nary a wasted word. I have dear friends who are dancing on the edge of forever. I am posting this in the hope it gives them pause for thought." BJ Del Conte


"Mandy, you stole the words right out of my heart! I've been struggling with it all as well these past few days." Kristi Dudgeon


"You are one in a zillion and this planet needs more like you. Your soul, your spirit and your kick ass smile can lift anybody." Anthony Arthur


"I loves your posts. Positive, happy, cheeky, beautiful, lovely, inspiring. My lord I can go on and on. Keep your shit up lovely :) xooxoxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxo" Carmel Park


"You are a fully formed butterfly of your own brilliant creation." Maryanne Paul


"I hope my daughter keeps true to herself. I hope she's like you!" Marci Lee Wynne


"Your words are always so touching. Thanks again for always having the perfect words." Sherri Bishop


"You talk about subjects that are rarely talked about in a very raw, intimate form. You are willing to show your vulnerabilities instead of having a persona. I think you resonate with injured people, people that are sensitive and need nurturing and inspiration that despite their past, they can have a beautiful present and future. You are a healer with words. Instead of thinking about it being dark, picture yourself freeing people from the shackles of shame. You are lighting up the dark shadows of society that are bogging people down, but in a way that is hip and contemporary rather than clinical. Just like I loved hearing Jenny McCarthy talk about childbirth, people need someone like you to talk about stuff they don't want to talk about, but need to". Jessica Zinger


"I just discovered your blog/Facebook page this morning, and what a delight it was to read. I love your openness and honesty. It really spoke to me. You are so inspiring! Thank you for sharing your gift with the world!" Susan Arbour Poulin


"Oh, how I just adore your heart. Truth. Vulnerability. True awareness. Who says it's not okay to be sad and recognize it? To be scared and to sit with it? To feel grateful and be okay with the fleeting temporary moments we get to embrace it? I say it's okay! And it's human! And it's what makes you beautiful. Kudos to you for speaking your truth. It doesn't take money or status to be a light in this world. Thank you for this teaching, teacher Mandy Richardson. Thank you for posting your lovely heart space echoed by your beautiful face. I continue to be inspired by the light (and dark) moments you share." Cynthia Rose Koch


"You're a wonderful, influential soul! Thanks for sticking up for humanity!" Kyle Stewart


"I love reading what you write. I think you're a huge inspiration to not only me but people around the world! Your words, in how you write are breathtaking and so inspiring!" Carmel Park


"So glad you decided to stay with us, Mandy. You have brought a lot to this world. You have done a lot. I love to read your posts. Please stay." Jacqui Demarte


"You are a strong woman. Stronger than a lot of us know, I imagine. Your strength could definitely be a beacon to others experiencing this. As a person you seem so eager to help and to share with those around you. To help them gain strength and perhaps insight as to who they are and why they may feel the way they do. God has not given us all the strength and grace to overcome such tragedy. I hope your words reach the people that need to read them." Tammy O'Reilly


"Thank you for being that little bit of sunshine on my newsfeed! You brighten my world, Mandy!" Micki Leslie


"I love you, Mandy. You shine a light and this has moved me deeply in ways I cannot yet share in words. Thank you, I love you." Alicia Montplaisir


"Mandy, you are such a BIG light in this world! Unfortunately those of us with lots of light also tend to have a lot of darkness in our wounded places, trying really hard to keep our light from the world. I'm glad you fight through it and continue to share your light!" Rebecca Farmer


"Wow, Mandy. You amaze me every day. You are so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story and encouraging others to come forward. Huge hugs to you." Lynda Hancock-Mcgill


"This is a beautifully-written, powerful, and important post. Every story of coming out of darkness into light is important. Thank you for sharing, Mandy." Laura Chartier


"Thank you for this, Mandy. For your bravery in sharing your story. Not all of us are able to be so open about our experiences, but it helps to know that we are not alone. YOU are not alone. Much love. xo" Jenny Lorette


"When you share your story, you not only hold a mirror up (it seems to be chapters straight from my story), you hold a lantern, and point the way! This way! Don't ever stop carrying the light because you just never know who you're passing it on to." Trish Carroll


"Strength is so hard to find when you feel like you've lost it. Sometimes all you need is one person to stand up for you and help you find your legs to stand on your own. Internally, your soul begs for that. Whether it's domestic violence, animal abuse or child abuse, be the hero. Always. You my friend, are truly a hero for stepping up. Just when I didn't think I could possibly love your guts anymore, knowing you are doing this just breathed a new life into the flame I have in my heart for you. You really are quite something and I have a massive amount of admiration for you. Huge! Now, where the hell are you going to attach your hero cape to your pimp outfit?" Kimmy D


"Hey Beauty. We connected on FB because we went to GCI together and only recently have I taken the opportunity to explore your various writings/vlogs. I was inspired by your bravery and how beautifully (with a little kick ass attitude) your experiences have come through. I even feel a little home town pride for your success…:) Anyway, it's been meaningful to me to hear you 'call it what it is' straight up. Here's to living whatever it takes for us to find our freedom." Tania Kurneoff


"You're a definite shelter for the wounded heart." Andrea McClellan


"Mandy, I love how you find beauty in the small things in life. It's a great trait you have. Don't ever lose it." Tanya Kent


"Mandy, as I sat at work today listening to your podcasts I broke down and cried as you spoke very, very openly with Sheena about your depression and the thought that you have had about wanting to end it all. It ripped my heart wide open. I cannot even begin to understand how sad your heart felt at that moment in time. You were put on this earth to bring life to a beautiful daughter that is so wise and creative beyond her young years. You were put on this earth to bring love to all you touch with the words that flow from your fingers to keyboard and pen that is put out in the world for all to see. You were put on this earth to touch people with your voice as you string words of laughter and love. I knew you in school growing up but did not hang out with you then. I lived in the same apartment building with you when Paige was so little. When I bumped into you that day in Zehrs and you gave me your business card and said you had written your first book and I started following you on Facebook and then listening to your podcasts, and I have been following you ever since. I fell in love with your soul, your spirt, your laughter and your love. You inspire everyone you touch with your words and love. And for that, Mandy, I am very blessed and honored to call you a true friend. Every time I hear you mention my name in a podcasts or on Facebook post my heart melts with love because I understand that I have done my duty on earth and put forth my love to all I touch. As I write this I keep tearing up because I'm glad you're here and your heart has grown with the love that others have enlightened you with, and to hear even in your voice a complete turn around in one podcast to the next it made me SMILE BIG. I would now like to stand up and give you a standing ovation and clap loud for rising up giving more of your beautiful words and wisdom to us all." Sherrie Snow


"I have followed your work for years and have so appreciated your words. You have done a tremendous job with Paige, as you did even back then :) Just wanted to say your work is amazing, both professionally and personally." Vicky Nolan-Parsons


"Your contribution to us other kindred humans is phenomenal. I am so proud of you for getting thru the tough times and getting right back up and allowing yourself the right to rest. I love you and thank you so much for just you being you. Your page is awesome. I just read two of your writings that I had not seen. Your heart is so lovely and your words are like a gentle warm beautiful comfy sweater to wear when you are feeling down. You just read and your whole soul is warmed and you can go on with your day, knowing how blessed you are for knowing such an incredible woman who really touches the heart by sharing her life openly. Thank you for this. It reminds me to let go too and that it is a part of healing. Writing is such a release. Have the best Sunday ever and I just wanted you to personally know how you have made me feel all these years. Don't stop writing, Mandy." Michelle Ruthven


"You are so courageous. Bravo, Mandy. You're such a powerful force!" Lucy Sequeira


"Mandy, I have so much respect for you to be so courageous to post this. It is brave to publicize your pain. I hope it helps those who need to speak out and to know they are not alone, and make others sensitive and aware of the issues many face." Heather Franklin


"To know you is to love you. Your words always have ways of touching one's heart and soul. I will never be able to thank you enough for all you have done to help. Most importantly, I am so totally thrilled to hear that you have finally seen the Mandy that we all know and love. Way to go those are some real huge accomplishments. Keep up the great work, and thanks for just being Mandy." Sabrina Diraddo


"You are a true gift to this world, Mandy! So much love to you." Kerry Timmins


"Mandy, about your recent post, I seriously feel like you are and have always been doing what you're exactly supposed to be doing. By that I mean whenever I've read anything written by you it's always so deep, inspirational, soulful, genuine and hits home or reaches me in some way. I can't help but feel this is most definitely how others feel about you, if not in a better way than I can explain or express. I've always looked to you on Facebook (because this was the only contact I had with you before TGT) to be somewhat of a life coach with deeper meaning. I can't help but think you should be pursuing that type of thing through books, conferences, groups etc. I just feel like you would and do have such a profound effect on everyone around you! You are like a light with true inner wisdom and no one can take that from you, not even the beast (trust me I know!). Just my two cents." Shannon Lawson L'Heureux


"Thanks for sharing and reminding me that we are not alone on this journey and that so often we look outside of ourselves for the answers that need to come from within." Leah Brutzki MacCannell


"You've got this lovely trail of stardust. You're going to leave scattered stardust everywhere you go." Valerie Beyer


"Hi Mandy, just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I watched your Sexpot Studio videos on toxic people and depression and could not stop watching. I wanted to keep going. You are most definitely one of the most inspiring people. My whole day got better after listening to your knowledge and advice. I am hoping to take one of your DIVA classes with my mom and sister in the near future! But thank you for doing what you do and keep doing your thang girl! Cause you're doin it right!" Shannon


"You're an amazing woman full of beauty and strength and one to be admired!" Melissa Partridge


"You are one of the strongest people I have ever met and one of the most beautiful people I have been blessed to have in my life. I remember when you found out you were pregnant and all long talks we had back then. You are a beautiful soul that touches so many people's lives. You are an amazing role model for your daughter and so many others. You lift people up when they are down and give light to many when they are in the dark. I miss you so much. You are who you are because you were born amazing...to do amazing things which you have. I love you." Lynne Anderson


"Love you, Mandy! You constantly inspire myself and others to face the stuff in life that we all avoid; internal pain, anguish, love and appreciation to recognize the good and the not so good inside yourself! Happy belated to the most beautiful and inspirational person I know." Melanie McIsaac


"Thanks for being you and sharing your life with others these past few years. Showing your happiness, sadness, inspirationalness! Nothing like knowing there are other humans out there going thru life's ups and downs, and being able to laugh at it once in awhile. Thanks!" James Green


"Mandy, some days are hard to start. Bills, HST, all the business that goes with running a business, and at times it really dulls my creative side. I can't tell you how many times I have read some of your posts, and that pick up it gives me is better than any morning coffee. Just wanted to say thanks." Steve H.


"I love reading your posts. They are real, raw, and always beautiful. Your writing is so eloquent. You just made me sad and happy and grateful. I would so hug you right now. Continue to be this strong beautiful woman who embraces what life offers, good and bad. You sooo rock my world!" Lucy Sequeira


"Hi Mandy. I am getting caught up on your videos on iTunes. I must applaud you. You make me smile and fill my heart with love and joy when I listen to your words. You are a very beautiful person inside and out. I love your humble attitude and things you share with others. Just wanted to send you a message to let you know how much your words mean to me and I'm very sure to others out there that listen to you. Loving your podcasts and videos, please never stop what you're doing and always keep up the good work." Shannon L.


"Mandy, you entertain, inspire, and spread love and good vibes with everything you do. You are the absolute best person and soul I have had the privilege of connecting with in a long time." Rob Marriott


"You have touched so many lives, Mandy. And I bet each one of those people, including myself is a better person for it." Sylvie Gravelle


"Love you and your powerful expression in this world." Destini Broom


"You make everyone go to that kind of happy place Mandy with just your personality. Your tasty treats are just a welcoming bonus." Shelly Hu


"Take time to remember how amazing you truly are, Mandy! You have done more in your life than many others. You have inspired people, you have provided comfort, developed friendships, and overcome many obstacles. You're special, you're important! I hope the rest of your day/evening goes better." Eric Lightfoot